Vapir Prima Review

vapir prima review

Vapir Prima Background:

Vapir is the manufacturer behind successful vaping devices like the No2 and the Rise has come up with a brand new vaporizer – the Prima.  The Vapir Prima was released in September 2015 with a lot of media hype in elite news portals like Nasdaq Globe Newswire and CNN.  Though pre-launch reviews do have an impact on the market, I kept my fingers crossed before I actually had a chance to try the Prima.  To tell you the truth, I was one of the first people who received it and it felt like an owning of the latest model of your favorite car.  I was eager to know what’s new in it, how is the vaping experience and things like that.

In a nutshell, let me give you the salient pros and cons of this new offering from Vapir.

Why I loved the Vapir Prima?

  • Elegant and modern design
  • Excellent vapor quality
  • Easy to clean, load and maintain
  • Particularly good with waxy oils

In-Depth Vapir Prima Review:

vapir prima vaporizer
The Vapir Prima is easy to clean thanks to a “snap-on/off” design

Vapir Prima Design:

In terms of design, the Prima is much better than its predecessors.  It has got an elegant brushed aluminum finish which makes it a cool device to hold in your hand.  This could be my personal opinion, but the ergonomic touch will be felt by anybody who holds his device.  Vapir has set up a new benchmark for portability by keeping the size of the Prima just 5 inches.   The mouthpiece is detachable and comes out easily with a simple twist.  The heating chamber at the bottom of the vaporizer ensures the safety of the user.

I personally feel that the stainless steel vapor pathway adds to the durability for this vaporizer.  As it is detachable, cleaning the vaporizer is simple and easy.  Portable vaporizers has one thing in common, the vapor tends to be bit on the warmer side given the small size of the device. But the Prima has successfully won over this drawback by keeping the heating chamber at the bottom and joining it with the mouthpiece using a steel vapor pathway.  It gives ample time for the vapor to cool down when it reaches the mouthpiece.

In the design part there is just one sore spot in the Prima, the heat from the chamber tends to permeate to the outer surface.  I found that it happens more when you are using the vaporizer at high-temperature settings.  When you are buying a quality product from Vapir, you certainly don’t expect such minor flaws in design.  Maybe the manufacturer is well aware of this drawback and thus provides a silicon cover with the device.  If you are a hardcore vaping enthusiast and love to use high temperature settings, I would advise you to use this cover.

Vapir offers a full five year warranty for the Prima and the icing on the cake is that even the battery is covered for two years.  Considering the good quality of Vapir devices, this was kind of expected and I congratulate the manufacturer for giving this assurance to its customers.

vapir prima kit
Vapir Prima Kit

Using the Vapir Prima:

Using the Vapir devices has always been simple and easy and with the Prima it is no different.  What I personally liked about this vaporizer is that it is equally at ease with both dry herbs and oily concentrates.  Just fill the heating chamber with your preferred material, shut it and you are good to go.  I tried the Prima with both dry herbs as well as waxy products and I must admit that it is the latter one that gives more enriching experience.  Unlike other portable vaporizers, the Prima works very well with sticky THC and CBD concentrates.  Most of the vaporizers that are in the same league as the Prima tend to get clogged.  But this one from Vapir is an absolute joy when it comes to vaping sticky concentrates.  One the vapor quality is excellent and secondly you can enjoy session after session without having to worry about the device being clogged.  This is where the Prima is miles ahead of its class.  I think they have done a great job by incorporating a built in screen in the Prima.  This is the feature that makes your session of vaping sticky concentrates more enjoyable than any other vaporizer.

The Prima offers fours preset temperature settings.  To select your preferred setting, just press the top button for three second and then press it again to go through the different temperatures.    For me the Prima worked best on level three and four.

  • Level 1- 350° F – 360° F ( 176.67° C – 182.22° C )
  • Level 2- 365° F – 375° F ( 185° C – 190.56° C )
  • Level 3 – 380° F – 390° F ( 193.33° C – 198.89° C )
  • Level 4 – 390° F – 400° F ( 198.89° C – 204.44° C )

With the Prima I was hoping for a more personalized heating system, but may be it is expecting too much from a portable vaporizer.  The predefined settings do a good job, but a digital temperature control would have made the deal even sweeter.   The Prima comes with a 5 minute auto shut off that makes it a really safe and energy efficient vaporizer.

vapir prima portable vaporizer
The Vapir Prima feels more like an iPhone in your hand than a Vape

Vapir Prima Vapor Quality:

I just have one word to say about the vapor quality of the Prima – excellent.  Having said that I would like to caution the enthusiasts who like their vapors to be thick and visible; they might not get that effect always.  But when it comes to consistency of taste and flavor, the Prima virtually enthralls you.  The aroma stays with you even after the session is over and you feel like having more.  So, if you are looking for a quality vaporizer that gives you mouthful of vapor from the start to the end of session, Prima is your ultimate choice.

Battery and Power:

The Lithium-ion 3200mAh battery of Prima is not the greatest by still manages to impress with its performance.  With this battery you can expect to get 10-12 five minute sessions without any hassles.  Vapir gives a two-year warranty with the battery which is quite commendable.  Another feature that impresses is the slide-in mechanism that adds to your convenience while changing that battery.

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