Power Plant E-Nail

$249.95 $219.95

Power Plant E-Nail Features:

  • In-line Power
  • On/Off Switch
  • Male or Female Stem Compatibility
  • Analog


Power Plant E-Nail Description:

The Power Plant E-Nail is an analogue vaping device that can reach a peak temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It does not use any torch to vaporizer your essential oils. Using the Power Plant is simple and easy. You just have to adjust the glass rig and the stem to start vaping. The Nail is compatible with both male as well as male stems.

In spite of being a simple analogue device the Power Plant is highly versatile. You can you it with 14mm and 18mm stems. To start vaping, simply switch on the E-Nail and press middle button to heat up the device. The heating temperatures are indicated with three colors – red, yellow and green. The red LED light indicates that the device has started heating up, yellow shows that it has reached midway. Eventually the green light blinks three times and turns into solid green indicating that the E-Nail has reached about 500 degrees Fahrenheit and is ready to be vaped. For user safety, the Power Plant comes with a 120 second auto shut off feature.

Power Plant E-Nail Kit Comes With:

  • Power Plant E-Nail
  • Glass Cover
  • User Manual

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